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Unplug & Play – Fool’s Gold Edition

Unplug & Play – Fool’s Gold Edition

DateApril 1, 2018

Starts1:00 pm

Ends4:08 am

VenueRidgeways Inn - The Yard


Wondering what to do on Easter sunday??..We’ve put all the best eggs in one basket for you,we present the “fool’s gold” edition at Ridgeways Inn- The Yard .Think great ambience,fun games,great music and everything in between!

Taking the extended weekend to the next level with a special double bill live show featuring:

HARRY KIMANI (one of the most influencial & original cats African soul has seen ) accompanied by Fre Ddie as the launch their new video ‘waste my time’ from 2pm till 7pm

an incredible lineup of djs:
Jack Rooster
B -Town
Dj riggz

As usual we have a wide array of games to choose from,feel free to carry your own board games and don’t forget to tag your friends along.

To add on to that we have 2 scavenger hunts specially designed for this edition:

1.”Search far and wide,in and out,Hidden amongst the crowd with him/her you will find the hidden treasure”
2.”If what you’ve been told is there’s a search for fool’s gold,then what you’ve been told isn’t true.If you’re willing to play,and will go all the way,Then we’ve got some cash for you”

Just like Jesus! the yard comes alive on Easter sunday! 😀

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