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The Alchemist,Nairobi

froSocial is a new monthly series at The Alchemist Bar curated by Jack Rooster and SURAJ to feature the eclectic Afro House sounds of Nairobi.

We’re hosting our third session on May 4th

Free Entry
Management Reserves The Right Of Admission

>>>>> SURAJ <<<<<

After making his debut in Nairobi, SURAJ has emerged as a dynamic, trailblazing DJ/Producer in East Africa. Since then, he has set his sights on becoming a beacon in Africa’s burgeoning electronic music scene.

In just a matter of time, his music & live shows have become a fixture for fans and DJs alike and made his talent and captivating personality known to many on the continent and around the world. As he continues to shine and become even more sought-after, SURAJ is honing his skills and making every release and performance better than the last.

🎵 https://soundcloud.com/surajkenya

>>>>> Masta Luminary <<<<<

Masta Luminary (born Dennis Maina) is a Kenyan composer, live DJ/producer, mixing technician and sound designer. He is noted for his experimental approach to music. Masta Luminary uses traditional instruments from around the world and has collaborated with various artists. He is knowns for blending different styles to create a unique mix of Afro-fusion, dabbling in deep house, hip hop, reggae dub, Afro-house, African dance music (ADM), Dancehall, tropical house and many more.

🎵 https://soundcloud.com/user-124863622

>>>>> Shazzy <<<<<

Sharon Kinyanjui, 25, is a fairly new DJ ,from & based in Nairobi, Kenya. She’s had a deep passion for music since she can remember and is excited to share this with the world through DJing. Her key genres are EDM, HipHop/Club Music & Afro House.

🎵 https://soundcloud.com/shazzyxox